i swear i’d dress better but i’m poor and fat


straight boys don’t shut their mouths because their lips would be touching and that’s gay

In honor of Angel Olsen's recent record release “Burn Your Fire For No Witness,”  (if you haven’t already purchased the album, do yourself a favor and buy it now…) I’ve decided to finally share some photographs I took of this super talented mega babe this past fall. Madelyn and I had so much fun assisting Zia Anger in creating Angel’s video for Forgiven/Forgotten. We got to squeeze in a little photo-shoot in before filming in the mornings.

Angel’s gallivanting the world right now, so make sure to see her when she comes around (Philly friends - May 14th!). Prepare to be mesmerized.

The first four photographs were captured with my Mamiya + Kodak Portra 400; the second four with my Minolta + Fuji-film (I think)